Dates and timings

Our Re-Creations are of such a large scale that we only offer them twice a year;

  • Our Great Annual Re-Creation at the end of the school year Mon 26 June - Fri 30 June 2017

At this event school children step back through our magical time-tunnel to over 200 people living and breathing as a whole Tudor community.

  • The Michaelmas Re-Creation at the beginning of the school year - Monday 25 and Tuesday 27 September 2017

This more intimate recreation offers over 70 people recreating Tudor life, and gives children the chance to see all areas of the manor, from the house to the grounds, therefore showing the great contrast between rich and poor.

Entry times on each day start between about 9.30am and about 2.00pm.

A visit will last approximately 3.5 hours from the moment of entering the event to when groups leave Tudor England.

Schools book, rather like airline tickets for a particular entry slot time, and need to arrive 30 minutes in advance to 'check in', use the toilets and change money into Tudor coins.

Allowing time for snacks, before and after their visit, schools should expect to spend a minimum of 4.5 hours on site.

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