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art-wreath.jpgToday we are not just in the 21st Century, we are in a specific year, living in the aftermath of a financial crisis, with a Conservative government and a royal family led by a Queen who has reigned for more than half a century We have recently hosted the Olympics and our football team did not (again) win the World Cup. But we are not just caught up with national and international events, but with the events that affect us on a more personal scale, both important and trivial.

Likewise people didn't live just in the 16th Century, but were affected by what went on in the greater world. Inflation, religious changes, new monarchs enclosures and famine all had their effect on the Kentwell manor. Whilst gossip and fashions spread from Court. Meanwhile people were also caught up in their own personal dramas: births and deaths; relations with friends and family; problems at work and enjoyment of play.

Each year we Re-Create a different year at Kentwell and explore how happenings in the wider world impacted on a Manor often far from those events.

  • Will the Clopton family be affected by changes at court? Favourites may come and go, but new dances, tunes and fashions may make their way to Suffolk.
  • A change of sovereign may not affect most on the manor but it may herald changes that affect all. The break with Rome and the dissolution of the Monasteries had consequences which lasted for the whole of the Tudor period and affected to some degree just about everyone in the land.
  • Fashions may most obviously affect the rich, but almost everyone then (as now) was fashion conscious.

And then there will be the local drama:

  • Who has offended who?
  • Whose suffering because of illness?
  • Who is finding it hard to make ends meet to support family members?

As with today, life is constantly changing and people are adapting to their circumstances.

It means no two visits to Kentwell are ever the same.
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